In the US alone, it’s estimated that termites destroy property worth $5billion each year. It’s in the spring and summer months that termites multiply and seek new locations to establish colonies. This is the best time to take actions and prevent these harmful insects from destroying your property.

Consider these tips useful in the control of termites in your home.

Quality  Services

The market has many companies that provide termite control services. As a consumer, you must be aware of the fact that some companies offer cheap but inefficient termite control services.

Quality can be compromised in the type of termiticide used, the volume, brand, dilution, and the method used to apply the termiticide.

You must note that low-quality termite control services are always expensive in the long run because of the damage that will result in your property.

termite wood damageUse Treated Wood When Building

Though this may seem obvious, you should always use pre-treated wood when building to prevent termites in your structures. Termites can’t feast on pre-treated wood.

Ensure Proper Ventilation & Sealing

One of the most vibrant ways of controlling termites in your home is by preventing the development of the right environment for the growth of these insects.

Termites thrive in areas that have high levels of moisture. If attics and basements in your home lack ventilation, you’re setting the right environment for these insects. Sealing, on the other hand, prevents soaking of wooden structures in your home.

Without moisture, termites will not find a reason to explore your structure, thus eliminating the development of moisture is an excellent way of controlling termites in your home.

The Initial Inspection May Not Be Conclusive

When seeking for termite control services, you must understand termites are unlike other pests. Detection of termites is tricky, and one may miss these insects since they’re challenging to spot. The symptoms are not visible.

You can easily mistake ants for termites, besides these insects are usually hidden in wooden structures and soil. A thorough inspection is essential to detect the presence of termites in your home.

Blind spots in the house and other areas such as parquet flooring; built-in cabinets, window and door frames, roof and ceiling must be inspected.

wood pileAvoid Keeping Piles of Wood Close to Your House

Termites move easily from external wood to internal woods. The basic way to deal with this problem is to make sure; you keep woodpiles away from your house.

Actually, you should not have any wooden piles in a distance of 20 feet from your home. This is a DIY method of termite control.

A Flashlight Is an Essential Tool When Inspecting Termites

You can easily detect the presence of termites by grabbing your flashlight and heading to your basement or crawlspace for inspection. Take a keen look for any signs of mud tubes or damage mainly at the corners and edges.

If you suspect any wood has termite damage confirm by the old thumb test. Press the wood; if it gives in, then it’s a sure confirmation of termite damage.

Thus mulch piles, firewood piles, tree stumps, and natural woodpiles should be distant from your house.…