If you are planning to buy a reverse osmosis system, I want you to understand that the market is varied and large. The system you will get depends on your needs and budget, but there are other factors to consider as discussed below. Read on.


Before anything else, you need to ask yourself how much you are willing to spend. The systems range from $150 to over $1000. With $500 you should be able to get a good osmosis reverse system. Note that, the most expensive systems have more filters and they can filter large amounts of water at a go. In addition to that, they can add back the valuable nutrients in the water after the bad ones are flashed out. As with many products, cheap reverse osmosis filters may not last long. You better save and invest in the most expensive reverse osmosis system but have them around for long and enjoy quality service.


The space available for storage is an essential consideration in the selection of a reverse osmosis system. If you are buying the on counter system, you have to be sure that the space in your counter will hold it. The same case applies to the under sink systems. The safest way to go about it is to measure the space available and compare with the dimensions of the system.

Amount of Water

How much water can the system filter? This is easy to figure out because many systems have the water information stated on the specs. Standard sizes can filter either 50 gallons, 80 gallons or 100 gallons. The size you choose depends on your water filtration needs. A 50-gallon filter will be enough for a typical household. The larger your family, the more your water needs hence, the larger the osmosis reverse systems.

Easy Installation

You will be required to call a professional for the installation of your system. The difficulty of installation determines how much you are going to spend. If you have the under counter system, for example, you must call a professional for installation. You do not want to spend a lot in the installation hence you should be looking for easy to install systems.

Ease of Use

Many systems are easy to use. They are made such that you can handle the filtration process on your own. But, you should carry out maintenance to have the system running the right way. Read through the manual to understand the basic maintenance requirements like how often the filters should be replaced. If you think that replacing the filters monthly will be an issue for you, choose models which require replacement after a year.…