Wednesday, 28 Jul 2021

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Why More People Are Moving To Canada

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There has been fast immigration of foreigners to Canada in recent years. These have been attributed to various factors. Below are a few of the reasons that have caused this tremendous movement:

Affordable Land And Housing

A city like Montreal provides low-cost housing. Land on the outskirts is relatively cheap compared to other world cities.

Good Education Facilities

Schools in Canada are well equipped and offer good quality education acceptable in most parts of the world. This has attracted international students to enroll in their higher education. There is proper housing affordable to students. Cost of education is relatively low for universities in cities like Montreal.

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Political Stability And Low Crime

Canada enjoys the good political environment, and most foreigners prefer to invest and stay in Canada for protection. The crime rate in Canada is very low which guarantees its citizen safety.

Friendly Environment For Investment

The federal government has put necessary incentives to attract foreign investors.These foreigners are investing in real estate and companies. The government has flexible regulations for those willing to start their businesses, and the banking sector is one of the best in the world. Inflation is very low compared to other countries of the world.

Education And Healthcare

Canada has good quality, and equipped hospitals and all citizens contribute to it through taxes. Parents with low income are offered a monthly payment to raise their children under 18 years. The amounts vary from one parent to another. The government takes care of education for young children.

Less Corruption

No need to give bribes for one to be given services in public offices. This makes life easier for foreigners seeking assistance from government agencies for service and those willing to make their investment.

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Canadian Visa

Canada provides special visa that accommodates parents and grandparents wishing to visit their relatives in the country. A Canadian visa allows free travel to major cities in the world, and this encourages foreigners to apply for it. Canada allows for dual citizenship and those have stayed there for three years can apply for permanent residence.

Good Quality of Life

Some people migrate to Canada because the condition in their original homes is not good due to pollution, civil strike and hope to get comfortable life in Canada.

Some migrate to Canada seeking employment as unemployment is low. Once given work permit, one can work anywhere in the country. Canada is not air polluted and is clean.